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Digital Transactions Covers CardX Legislative Victory in Colorado

“‘Colorado legislators looked at surcharging laws throughout the country and decided they did not want a Wild West environment if the state’s surcharge prohibition was dropped,’ says Michael Tomko, chief operating officer for CardX LLC, which lobbied and testified in support of the bill. ‘The card brands created a robust engine for surcharging to ensure that there is appropriate disclosure for surcharging, such as itemizing the surcharge on the receipt, and Colorado decided it wanted to take those best practices, and the best practices from other surcharge laws around the country, and create a law that harmonizes with the rules for surcharging nationally.’

The signing of the bill in to law, which Colorado state’s legislature passed in June, closely follows defeat of a surcharging ban in Kansas earlier this year. Chicago-based CardX, which is a surcharging-services provider, filed suit against that ban.”

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