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AP News: “Governor Polis Signs Bipartisan Bill to Expand Payment Options for Consumers and Businesses”

“‘We applaud the bill sponsors and key stakeholders who worked to pass this legislation, which provides an important and balanced option for merchants,’ commented Jonathan Razi, CardX CEO, who testified in support of the bill alongside Grier Bailey of the Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association. Razi added, ‘We serve businesses that are seeking to offset the rising cost of credit card acceptance and keep their prices low, and I believe that SB21-091, which harmonizes with industry rules and includes the most robust consumer protections in the country, will be an influential template for other states considering this issue.’

SB21-091 aligns with U.S. Supreme Court precedent and legal decisions in other states that have held that surcharge bans unconstitutionally restrict merchants’ First Amendment rights. A Kansas prohibition on surcharging was struck down as recently as February 25, 2021 in CardX, LLC v. Schmidt.”

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