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Oklahoma’s Journal Record Covers CardX in Analysis of AG Opinion Letter

“Oklahoma’s law prohibiting merchants from adding a surcharge when customers pay by credit card can be considered unconstitutional, according to an opinion issued Dec. 17 by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter. The opinion was requested by state Sen. Michael Brooks, D-Oklahoma City.

Brooks worked with CardX, a credit card processing company based in Chicago, to identify how Oklahoma’s law is out of step with where the industry is heading. Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine and Massachusetts are the only states that still have laws prohibiting surcharges for credit card purchases.

‘This result in Oklahoma solidifies an inevitable payments industry makeover,’ reads a statement from Jonathan Razi, founder and CEO of CardX.

CardX markets its product as a ‘turnkey solution’ for merchants, automating compliance and quickly providing approvals. The company’s software makes clear to customers the amount of their purchase and the amount of the surcharge for credit card purchases, and gives the customer the option to choose a lower-cost option.”

Read the full article in the Journal Record.