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CardX Announces Jennifer Hocking as Director of Client Operations

CardX recently announced that Jennifer Hocking joined the team as Director of Client Operations.

Jenn is coming from Jellyvision and League, Inc., where she has been an operations leader over the past several years, helping to grow teams and develop scalable processes. In her new position with CardX, she’s leading our Client Support team to ensure that CardX is consistent in providing best-in-class service to all of our clients.

“The solution that CardX brings to the market is disrupting the industry and forever changing the way merchants do business,” said Jenn. “Now that 94% of the United States is open to credit card surcharging, it’s a thrilling time to join the team in a year where process optimization will be key to meet the demands of our growing book of business.”

Vice President of Operations Natalie MaLossi shared enthusiasm about Jenn joining CardX: “Jenn’s extensive experience building and leading customer service teams is a great match for our ambitious 2020 strategy. I look forward to working closely with her as we scale our operations and double down on our culture of excellence.”