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CardX Empowers Businesses with True 0% Credit Card Processing

Zero cost on credit cards. Simple, transparent pricing.

Credit Cards
Debit Cards

When customers choose a credit card, they also cover the fee.

At the time of purchase, CardX informs the customer of the fee amount, and always gives the option to pay with a no-fee method. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale.

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When customers choose a debit card, they pay no fee, keeping you compliant.

Your customers always have a no-fee payment option. To comply with the rules, CardX automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee. You pay only the low cost of debit card acceptance.

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Card Acceptance

Sell $100 on a credit card, receive $100 in your account.

You Pay
Your Customer's Fee

What do customers see on their credit card statement?

Sell $100 on a debit card, receive $98.75 in your account.*

You Pay
1% + $0.25*
Your Customer's Fee

*Debit card pricing varies among processor platforms. Please confirm your debit card pricing by reviewing your agreement with the payment processor.

On some processor platforms, commercial debit cards are assessed a rate of 3.38%.

Key-entered debit transactions on the CardX Terminal do not qualify for the 1% + $0.25 rate. To achieve the 1% + $0.25 rate for key-entry, we invite you to sign up for the Virtual Terminal.

In Person

Custom Terminal with EMV Quick Chip
$35 / month

In Office

Virtual Terminal
Starting at $29 / month


Included with Virtual Terminal

Where CardX Works: There’s a CardX solution for every way you accept cards.

In Office
In Person


  • Customers pay seamlessly on your website, without being redirected away.
  • 100% secure. No PCI exposure. Beautifully designed.

Virtual Terminal

  • Complete an order in just a few clicks.
  • No equipment required, no software to install, no special expertise needed.


CardX Terminal: What’s in the box?

  1. Custom Terminal

    Our custom terminal with EMV Quick Chip and the CardX application pre-installed. Plug in the terminal and you’re ready to sell.

  2. Getting Started Guide

    Our visual guide to getting started and completing common operations, such as sales and returns.

  3. Signage

    Tasteful signage for your place of business that keeps customers informed—and keeps you compliant.

  4. Receipt Paper
  5. Ethernet Cord
  6. Power Cord

CardX Serves Leading Companies:
We’re the #1 name in zero-cost transactions.

Before we learned about CardX, we were reluctant to accept cards due to the high cost. With CardX, customers simply use a credit card and I get the full sale amount deposited to my account the next day.

CardX really takes all the complexity out of accepting cards.

They even ship us more paper for receipts at no cost whenever we ask! Everything has worked so well that we're starting to use the solution at a second location this month.”

— Rachael
    California Granite & Flooring

Paychex is using CardX.
Read how in the Newsroom.

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Powerful Surcharging: Proven at Scale

27 Million

Savings delivered to CardX customers since 2020

27 Million

Customers served 24/7

27 Million

Uptime means dependability for customers

27 Million

Payment processors and ISOs use CardX technology

Fair for Everyone

The Problem

Unless businesses pass on the credit card fee, they have to either raise prices across the board—harming customers who pay with cash or debit—or accept a lower profit margin on credit card sales.

Our Solution

CardX allows customers to pay the fee if they choose a credit card for convenience or rewards, or to use a low-cost debit card with no additional fee.


CardX serves businesses in 48 states plus the District of Columbia.
CardX does not yet serve businesses in CT and MA.
CardX is available in Maine and New York, and additional terms apply.

For more information on where CardX is available, visit our Compliance page.

CardX for Government + Education

We provide eligible institutions with a tailored solution that's forward-thinking, transparent and afforable for consumers.

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Helping Businesses Win


“We are able to get deposits/payments quicker than ever and eliminate a lot of the manual work. Not only is the platform itself wonderful, the customer service is impeccable.”

Aerial Titans

Increase Your Margins Without the Hassle

Businesses incur billions in interchange fees each year. With CardX, they don't have to.




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